Jeremy Sargent Managing Director
Jeremy is the Managing Partner of JSA and has over 10 years of China practice in Guangzhou and Shanghai.
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Bricks and mortar - Property and real estate matters

Whatever the nature of your business in China, you’ll undoubtedly need some kind of base to operate from. We will therefore focus on your property-related issues, such as:
  • Conducting due diligence concerning the commercial, industrial or residential property you are considering leasing or buying
  • Negotiating with landlords and vendors
  • Drafting, finalising and registering leasing agreements
  • Advising on the land acquisition process and helping you to acquire land
  • Preparing land grant and transfer documents to ensure that you secure good title
  • Obtaining construction approval and registration
  • Negotiating, drafting and finalising project management, construction and renovation agreements
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