Jeremy Sargent Managing Director
Jeremy is the Managing Partner of JSA and has over 10 years of China practice in Guangzhou and Shanghai.
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Building strong foundations - Choosing and establishing the right type of legal entity

Having found the right location and explored its potential viability, the next step will be to choose and establish the right type of legal structure for your business venture. Should it be a joint venture, a wholly foreign-owned company or a representative office? Many different choices exist under Chinese law, but not all of them are available or suitable for the type of business you plan to engage in. We will investigate and report to you about the potential advantages and risks of the most appropriate structure for your project, and then take you step by step through the process of creating it.

This will include:
  • Explaining the key regulatory requirements for different business structures, as well as financing and capitalisation issues
  • Importation of equipment and technology for your project
  • Preparing key project documents, including feasibility study reports, joint-venture contracts and articles of association
  • Liaising with relevant Chinese government authorities to secure official approvals, registrations and operating licenses
  • Conducting all the formalities needed to establish a representative office, joint venture, wholly foreign-owned enterprise or other structure
  • Post-establishment registrations with local government authorities
  • Opening bank accounts
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