Jeremy Sargent Managing Director
Jeremy is the Managing Partner of JSA and has over 10 years of China practice in Guangzhou and Shanghai.
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Labour law - Employment legislation and practice

China's rapidly changing employment laws mean that human resources issues form the single biggest challenge foreign companies face in China nowadays. You will need to formulate a comprehensive HR and employment policy in your venture, and comply with it at all times. Otherwise, you may easily find yourself in deep water.

Drawing on our experience of working with many foreign-owned businesses in this area, we will help you to:
  • Understand the PRC's employment laws and regulations and how they apply to your company
  • Ensure you adhere to all the requirements about hiring staff – including recruitment procedures, non-discrimination, compensation and benefits, and employee registration
  • Comply with regulations governing working hours, remuneration, leave entitlement, health and safety, sickness and injury, and maternity leave, as well as other statutory contributions and benefits like social insurance and housing funds
  • Compile and maintain all the necessary paperwork, including employment contracts, terms and conditions and staff codes of conduct, as well as confidentiality, trade secret and non-competition covenants
  • Understand and deal with labour unions
  • Terminate employment contracts
  • Resolve employment disputes
  • Arrange for the employment of expatriates, including applying for their work and residency permits
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