Jeremy Sargent Managing Director
Jeremy is the Managing Partner of JSA and has over 10 years of China practice in Guangzhou and Shanghai.
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Finally, why choose JSA?

You'll probably find a number of other law firms and consultancies that offer similar services to the ones we describe here. Choosing the right one to be your partner in providing you with effective and reliable legal advice and services is a crucial decision. In fact, it is probably one of the most important ones you will make when you invest in China.

We would therefore like to suggest you spend a few minutes looking over some aspects of our business philosophy. We hope you will bear these in mind when you come to make your choice. They are:
  1. "Big enough to cope, small enough to care."
    That's definitely one of the world’s most often used clichés. Yet it’s undoubtedly true that you will get better results if you entrust your needs to a legal practice where you will receive the personal attention of its principals, rather than having them handled by a battalion of anonymous and unqualified clerks.
  2. In-depth experience in China
    A law firm should combine in-depth experience of the local business environment with an international perspective that allows it to speak your language and understand your concerns as a foreign investor in China.
  3. Professionalism
    A highly professional attitude should go hand-in-hand with a sincere commitment to being friendly, approachable, practical and flexible in the way we work to satisfy the very diverse range of your requirements.
  4. We understanding your business.
    Its always important to take the time and make the effort to understand exactly what your business is all about, what your goals are, and how you wish to work towards realising them.
  5. Long-term partnership
    We must ensure that you receive a lot more than just highly-qualified and customised guidance about your current concerns. We should also be committed to creating a long-term partnership with you that will in turn generate a continuous two-way flow of communication. This will allow us to look beyond your present situation and help you to anticipate major issues that will arise in the future – including issues that might not even have appeared on your radar yet. Then we will always be ready to work side by side with you when the time comes to deal with them.
  6. Taking the load off your shoulders.
    Finally, we remember that dealing with legal matters is just one element of your work. Without doubt, it's an essential element and one you will ignore at your peril. Yet, it shouldn’t be allowed to preoccupy you by casting a dark shadow over your head, or cripple you financially. The role of JSA is to remove this load from your shoulders at a reasonable cost, thus freeing you up to focus on the things that only you can do. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the excitement and satisfaction of creating a successful business in China.